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Beat tapes have never been critically examined to the level of mixtapes or albums here in Australia, and this perhaps highlights the difficulty in capturing the imagination of listeners with purely instrumental music. Although it's no secret that WA native Burd Brain is no studio nuffie, we have come to know him for his unique brand of party music and the equally iconic film clips. His followers would know that he now resides in Tasmania with his family, and his endeavor has never seemed greater. When I was approached and offered the chance to write a review for this release, I took it immediately... purely on the fact that i got to have an exclusive listen to this milestone release for Burds career.

You are immediately slapped by the hard hitting samples of the opening track Nutter. It includes a mixture of funky horns and break style drums that wouldn't sound out of place at an 80's Bronx block party.
A personal favorite was to follow with 'Heart Melt'. The soulful piano riff only contains a few notes, which highlights the mantra "less is more". As with track 1, you hit with some warm natural drum flavours. Most songs on this release are never without subtle break downs and build ups and this prevents the listener from feeling like they are trapped in the loop. It Once again highlighting Burds ability to evolve a hip hop beat without the aid of vocals.

As 'Autophatic' drops, we feel a dramatic vibe change. It's bass heavy, filled with hyped 808s with a hint of natural sounding keys which perfectly offsets the mix of flavor. 'Barfsick' evolves the newly set mood as a full trap banger. Looming and ominous samples invite you down the garden path and to the front door...... But once that drop comes, it's like you are shoved inside with the door slammed behind you. This is where the tape starts to flex some true diveristy, instantly bringing to mind some tough UK grime steeze.
'Cola' really took me by surprise too. It almost sounded like a video game soundtrack, as the bass fueled synth dances with the boom bap drums. Moving through to 'Godly', you are enevloped with some dark horns and an "in the pocket" slow jam. This sound is bound to inspire some double/ triple time flows from all the rappers. This track includes a really satisfying break down as the kick drums roll on, it just hits your ears like a HSP hits your gut after a big night on the piss.

Finishing up with 'Rush', this one could be the most interesting beat from the entire tape. It's a blend of transcending and hypnotic sounds, and it's combined with some tasty horns ( which seems to be the common theme through the release... Burd must love his horns). The homie deserves a lot of love for putting this together, and I know I speak for all the beat junkies when i say... "PRODUCERS, MORE BEAT TAPES & INSTRUMENTAL ALBUMS PLEASE!"

You can cop the tape & follow Burd Brain via this link:

Hopefully this review helped you decide if it's worth checking out BEATS BY BURD, but the best way is to go and have a listen! Find out for yourself. If you are already a fan of the tape, then I hope you found these thoughts interesting.

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