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Fusion - The Dragons Tongue


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Residing in Launceston, Fusion has come a long way from when he first appeared on the battle scene a few short years ago. This mixtape is self produced, showcasing a rare "double talent" in the Aussie hip hop scene. Emcees that produce their own beats always raise my eyebrow, so this release was a must listen for a cat such as myself.

From the moment that the first song drops, you can genuinely feel the rawness. This is a handcrafted piece of work, and in no way does that detract from it's integrity. The lack of "A1 studio polish" suits Fusion's rapid fire delivery and unique subject matter. As soon as the beat drops on track three, "Back In The Day", I felt a strong urge to turn my speakers up. This is also the song that hints at his potential to evolve his story telling. The ability to make entire verse relevant to itself can be a potent weapon as opposed to packing a track with multis and metaphors.....

Multis and metaphors. Two words we seem to hear a lot in Hip Hop. I hate being so conventional, but both of these aspects of rapping are prevalent in Fusion as an artist. I won't give away any of the punchlines and quote some of the outstanding lyrics, I'll leave that much up to you. His potential in this regard is quite frankly limitless, and I'm very excited to hear more music from him in the future... just to peep the progress.

The production side is equally exceptional, and I developed a particular fondness for the beat from "Messiah So Kind". Fusion also mentions his love of sampling and creating beats a few times, and it's easy to imagine him hunched over whilst working away at his craft. Every track was produced to a high standard. I repeat.. not even one, single, average song. If you're expecting any crazy grime tracks, you might be disappointed as your ears get slapped with some true boom bap steeze. 90's hip hop fans, prepare to rejoice.

"Cogs in Motion" also is a huge standout for me. The happy marriage between a stream of consciousness and some undeniably incredible flow will always make a great track, and it strikes me to uncover such an "aware" mind state. I'm also very happy that the mixtape isn't just "bars on bars", there is definite depth. As a listener, you feel challenged to follow each song and understand the true message. Perhaps the greatest achievement of this release was it's originality, without being completely left field. I tried to think of some other examples of artists that share elements of similarity with Fusion, and I came up blank.

Big ups to the Bro!


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